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Muza midi dress - Comfort & chic

 Meet our new Muza dress. The dress that has it all!!! The right fit, in the coolest colors. Long sleeves, and super soft crepe fabric. classic midi hem line, and a chic bout-neck. It is perfect for any occasion, formal or casual. And most important it's comfortable!!!  Shop the dress - Shop the dress -

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Gift guide #2 - Sweet gifts under 50$

 This holiday season, we would like to help :)) And how will we do that?! By collecting together super cool gifts. That will make your love ones happy, and won't make you poor:)) Follow the link, to chose your gift now - Happy holiday season:))))  

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Bianca midi dress - the holiday dress for us

 Getting  ready for  the holidays is not only about, the gifts & family time. It is also about, choosing the right holiday dress.  The holiday dress has to be, Chic, festive & above all comfortable. In this post we would like to introduce you, to our favorite holidaydress. The Bianca midi dress - It's classic & comfortable. Will suit any holiday occasion, in any corner of the world. Choose you fav' color now:))) Follow the link, to see more holiday dresses -

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Gift guide #1 - Wool Berets

The holiday season is finally here:) This year we would like to help you choose, the most chic & Fun gifts for your love-ones. Today on our gift guide, we would like to introduce you, to our new wool berets. They are super comfortable, arrives in viberent colors and has a squares pattern. Super chic gift, with a french touch. Perfect as a winter gift:) Click on the pictures, to start shopping. Follow the link, to shop from our beret collection - See you at the next gift guide:))

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Designer pick - The new Alexa a-line dress

Well you already know, our Alexa a-line dress. Today I want to introduce you, to our winter version of the Alexa dress. The new Alexa dress, has a super soft crepe fabric>> Perfect for winter. And it comes in two color combo's>> 1. Party of Blues 2. Black meet's Olive. How to wear it?! One of the advantages of the Alexa dress is, it's minimal, clean look. By playing with new accessories, you can get a different look every time. See the outfit ideas bellow:) Chic day at the office Casual Sunday       

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