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Style file - graceful chic

 Happy to collaborate again, with our dear stylish Veena:) This time beside a beutiful pics of her, wearing our Vivian dress . She also answered, our fashion & style quiz:) Scroll down to read her answers & tips for fashionable life. 1. Who is your fashion icon?  I love Sonam Kapoor. She is the fashion sensation, in India right now. I love how easily she carries western, and ethnic look in such a ease. 2. Choose 1 person, you'd like a free access to his wardrobe? Again it will be Sonam Kapoor:) I also loving Priyanka chopra’s wardrobe, after she moved to Hollywood.  3. Define...

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Goodbye summer hello fall

Saying goodbye to the summer, has never been so chic. With our lovely Nina, wearing our Vivian paisley dress. showing us how easy it is, to go from summer into fall. Just by adding, a cool, classic denim jacket. Buy the dress - Follow Nina on IG - Follow Nina  on FB -

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Chic alert - new additions to our party dress collection

We've added 2 new styles, to our party dress collection!!! Stella dress - in 2 colors combo' & a thin belt. Muza dress - in 2 colors combo' & small pleats on top.  And now all you need to do is: choose the colors you like. And order those dresses:)) See our party dress collection here -

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Style file - Life in colors and prints

 Meet Yonit - the owner of the colorfull Instagram profile - Missmellalina I collaborated with Yonit, couple of times. And everytime her pics were like, a canday to the eyes. Every pic full of joy, colors, textures & prints. The combination she make, are so unique. And can only be created by her. On this post today, Yonit will answer our fashion & style quiz:) 1. Who's your fashion icon?  Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Olivia Palermo. Are just a few of my, favorite modest fashion champions. 2. Choose 1 person, you'd like a free access to his wardrobe? Jamie Chua. She has a 700-square-foot...

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Style file - From Croatia with style

Meet the stylish Nina. A special education teacher, from Croatia. Beside teaching Nina is also, a modest fashion blogger. Today on this post, Nina will share with us some of her fashion & Style wisdom. 1. Who's your fashion icon? My fashion icon is Julia Engel. I like that she's, a lover of skirts and dresses. Bringing a bit of femininity, to the current fashion influencers scene. 2. Choose 1 person, you'd like a free access to his wardrobe? I guess the name 'Julia Engel', answers this question as well:) Together with Adi Heyman -  another woman who's style, I really like and appreciate. 3. Define your style....

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