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The 10 commends of styling

As a fashion designer, I believe styling is the glue that sticks the outfit together.

Here are my own, 10 commends of styling.

1. Find your own unique style.
2. Always Feel comfortable in your outfit.  
3. Match your outfit, to your schedule.
4. Keep your wardrobe classic, Mix it up with trendy accessories, to get a fresh new look  everyday.
5. Buy less, choose well(Vivianne Westwood), Make it last forever.
6. Effortless, always looks stylish.
7. A good  pair of shoes, are the key to a stylish timeless outfit.
8. Dare to wear colors.
9. Don't be afraid to Mix up, textures and prints.
10Fashion should be fun, not a torture. E-N-J-O-Y it!!!

And always remember, as Coco Chanel said: "Fashion changes, style endures".



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