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Style file - graceful chic

 Happy to collaborate again, with our dear stylish Veena:)

This time beside a beutiful pics of her, wearing our Vivian dress . She also answered, our fashion & style quiz:)

Scroll down to read her answers & tips for fashionable life.

Black floral midi dress with belt

1. Who is your fashion icon? 

I love Sonam Kapoor. She is the fashion sensation, in India right now. I love how easily she carries western, and ethnic look in such a ease.
2. Choose 1 person, you'd like a free access to his wardrobe?
Again it will be Sonam Kapoor:) I also loving Priyanka chopra’s wardrobe, after she moved to Hollywood. 
3. Define your style. 
My style is more of, modern modesty. I showcase the style that, every woman can wear in any shape or size.
4. If you were garment or accessory, which one will you be? And why?
If I was a garment or accessory, I would love to be a dress:)
5. Winning styling tip, by Veena:
If you love it, wear it!!! Don’t think about what, people will say or think. Be comfortable with, what you are wearing. Choose minimal accessory. 
See bellow Veena, in our floral Vivian dress.
Black floral midi dress with belt
Black floral midi dress with belt

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