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Style file - Life in colors and prints

 Meet Yonit - the owner of the colorfull Instagram profile - Missmellalina

I collaborated with Yonit, couple of times. And everytime her pics were like, a canday to the eyes. Every pic full of joy, colors, textures & prints. The combination she make, are so unique. And can only be created by her.

On this post today, Yonit will answer our fashion & style quiz:)

Floral white dress

1. Who's your fashion icon?

 Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Olivia Palermo. Are just a few of my, favorite modest fashion champions.

2. Choose 1 person, you'd like a free access to his wardrobe?

Jamie Chua. She has a 700-square-foot closet!!! 

3. Define your style.

 First and foremost my style is always modest. But aside from keeping it classy, I love to have fun with colors and prints. And I often like to add an edge, such as a studded bag or a dark lip.

4. If you were garment or accessory, which one will you be? And why?

A giant black bow. I have a black bow crop top that's feminine, fun, and has en edge just like me! It also makes for a great style statement and layering piece to transform any basic outfit.

5. Winning styling tip, by Yonit:

Alexander McQueen once said, "It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules". That is my styling tip. Throw your preconceived notions out the window. Don't wonder if something matches or not. Don't wonder if something is trendy or last-season. You do You!!!

See bellow, Yonit in Bianca blue dress.

Blue made to order dress

Blue midi dress

Yonit in Vivienne floral dress.

White dress with flowers

Loose fit floral dress


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