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Winter is coming - Fall winter catalog shoots

Well winter is coming, and that's a fact. The only thing, we can do about it. Is to create an beautiful collection, to warm up your winter:)

So after sketching, making samples, choosing fabrics & manufacturing the collection. Today we gathered the old creative crew, to shoot the Fall\winter catalog.

Winter collections is all about, geometric shapes, Bold colors & Soft fabrics. To back it up, we chose calm, clean, geometric accessories. On a beautiful clean set.

See a sneak peek bellow, the full catalog is coming real soon:)))

Time for makeup with Rivka our new model.

Fall winter 2017 catalog

When the makeup brushes match the styling.

Fall winter 2017 catalog

Muza midi dress - in winter plain colors.

Fall winter 2017 catalog

Accessories with a geometric touch.

Fall winter 2017 catalog


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